About Our Self Tapping Screws

A number of pan head and countersunk screws, used for attaching to metal, and a pre-drilled hole is required. Plated in Trivalent Chromium (CR3) zinc 3 microns Driver bit size No 1.

What is a Self Tapping Screw used for?

Self-tapping screws are typically used to secure wood, plastic, metal and brick together. There are two types of self-tapping screws, thread-forming and thread-cutting. Thread-forming: Before you can use these screws you will need to drill a pilot hole as the screw itself does not contain a pointed tip.

What is the difference between a Self Tapping Screw and a normal screw?

Self-drilling screws eliminate the need for a pilot hole but can tap as well. Self-tapping screws tap their own threads, but cannot drill through metal and require a pilot hole. These screws are not interchangeable, and mixing up the two can cause many headaches or possible failures in the field.

What Self Tapping Screws does Champion Timber offer?

A range of washered and unwashered for use fixing sheet metal to wood and other steel construction. Manufactured to meet all recognised industry standards and performance criteria and sharp points for an easy screw. A variety of sizes for any job large or small as well as larger pack sizes for those bigger projects.