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About Our Butt, Flush & Cranked Hinges

A range of other hinges, which may be suitable for small cupboard doors, lids etc. At Champion Timber, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of ironmongery and accompanying accessories all from stock. All the appliance furniture, hinges, railings etc that you will ever need all available the next day from Champion Timber.

What are Butt Hinges?

A butt hinge is designed to support large amounts of weight like a door while making it easy to open and close. They come in lots of sizes so you can hang a kitchen cabinet door or a front door, butt hinges are also available in a range of colours to match the style of all your other door furniture.

What are Flush Hinges?

Flush hinges are suited to lightweight doors, which makes them perfect for cabinets and cupboards as they cannot hold as much weight as a butt hinge. Flush hinges are also easy to install as they can be fastened directly to the material and do not require any recesses to be cut out.

What is a Cranked Hinge?

A cranked hinge is a type of speciality hardware that is often used to hang cabinet doors. All cranked hinges have at least one leaf that is bent at an angle, generally 90 degrees. Full-cranked units feature leaves that are both bent or angled. When the door is closed, these hinges look just like traditional butt hinges, with the pin connecting the two leafs visible from the outside. Installers who use a cranked hinge often do so because these hinges allow doors to open farther than standard hinges, and may allow up to 180 degrees of opening.