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About Our 100mm Door Hinges

Door hinges are naturally a vital component when fitting doors, cabinets, cupboards and more. Door hinges have the role of connecting the door to the frame to allow movement within certain boundaries. Hinges dictate whether the door can move 180 degrees on the frame or 90 degrees for example. Without hinges, there would be no pivot and the door would be fixed into place, so it’s very important to get hinges right and install them correctly too.

What are Door Hinges?

Hinges are metal fixings that are typically attached to a door of some sort, allowing it to open and close easily. The hinge features holes on each plate allowing for easy fixation to an object, in most cases a door, gate or kitchen cupboard. There are various types of hinges available, each with unique benefits such as a flush finish or soft closing mechanism. We stock a huge range of door hinges in various sizes and finishes for domestic use.

What is a Butt Hinge?

A butt hinge is designed to support large amounts of weight like a door while making it easy to open and close. They come in lots of sizes so you can hang a kitchen cabinet door or a front door, butt hinges are also available in a range of colours to match the style of all your other door furniture.