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About Our Decking Oil, Stain & Protection

What Decking Maintenance, Protection & Treatments does Champion Timber offer?

From subtle decking oils to stand-out decking stains, from paint and varnish remover all the way to decking restorer. Evidently, Champion Timber stocks a wide range of oils, protection and maintenance products suitable for any decking type.

We also offer a range of brands and types of decking treatments from well know brands such as Ronseal, Liberon and Nitromors.

Decking Oil

Decking oil is a crucial addition to any exterior decking area because it helps protect the boards and prolong their life. Decking oils are different from stains but oils will penetrate deep into the timber to provide protection against rot, insect attack and splitting. Almost as important as decking oil itself is the preparation period beforehand where cleaning the boards and getting them ready helps the oil seep into the timber.