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About Our Lever Handles on Roses

What Lever Handles on Roses does Champion Timber offer?

Lever handles on the rose comprise the door lever and the round ‘rose’, upon which the handle is mounted and turns. Lever handles are attached to the door latch mechanism, and when the lever is pushed down, the latch is operated, allowing for the door to be opened or closed. A spring mechanism within the rose ensures that the handle returns to its original position when not in use. All lever fixings and screws are hidden behind the rose cover itself. Lever handles on rose are available in materials such as chrome, stainless steel and aluminium.

Available in a range of materials and finishes including polished brass, satin aluminium and antique black iron, lever handles on a rose provide a distinctive look for your choice of interior or exterior door. Spring activated, the lever handles are attached to the door’s mortice latch, which is activated when pushing down on the lever. The option of a backplate with an integrated lock, bathroom lock or Euro lock cutout provides security for your doorway, entrance or exit.