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About Our Varnishes

The varnishes that we stock in our branches are available in a huge variety of colours and shades. Providing you with a clear protective coating for your timber which aids the life of the surface but also helps to bring out the natural beauty and decorative elements of the wood, whether that be interior or exterior we have all the varnish you need in one place.

How long does Exterior Varnish last?

Exterior varnish will usually last 2-3 years before it starts to look chalky. As soon as you see a chalky film start to develop, it's time to freshen the finish. Simply sand the topcoat smooth, and apply a new coat of varnish.

What is Interior Varnish?

Natural Finish Interior Varnish is a hardwearing and long-lasting, water-based varnish suitable for protecting and maintaining the natural look and feel of interior woodwork, such as skirting boards, doors, work surfaces and panelling.

Does varnish change the colour of wood?

While a stain deeply penetrates the wood, a varnish remains on the outside of your surfaces, forming a protective barrier. The varnish is usually clear and transparent, and it will harden along with the outer layer of your wood. Some varnishes do include colour to enhance or alter the wood shade.