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About Our Specialist Tools

What is an Angle Drill?

A right-angle drill is basically an electric drill with a headset at a 90-degree angle to the grip. The head-on right angle drill is typically much shorter than what you'd see in a traditional model, too, and the grip is usually designed to be comfortable when operated with one hand.

What is a Diamond Core Drill?

A diamond core drill is similar to a hole saw. It comprises a diamond-studded steel tube mounted on a rotating shaft. During the drilling process, the core bit's temperature is controlled with the use of water. And this also helps get rid of dust while drilling through a structure.

What is the purpose of a Heat Gun?

Typically, people use heat guns for removing paint and wallpaper, heating and bending plastics and softening glue and adhesive. They're also useful for thawing frozen pipes in the winter and for shrink wrapping, working much faster than a standard hairdryer.

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