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About Our Chisels & Planing Tools

What is a Planing Tool?

Planing tools are used for surfacing planing on flat surfaces and gear teeth. Planing tools include turning and planing tools and jigsaws and planing. Planes are the tools used for flattening, shaping, and reducing thickness. Planes produce a smooth surface.

What Planing Tools does Champion Timber offer?

The Champion Timber range of Planing Tools is used to flatten and smooth a wood surface, skimming the top to remove thin layers until the desired thickness or finish has been reached. This can help to speed up the preparation process ahead of a decoration project though is also commonly used to simply reduce the thickness of a piece of wood. This ensures potential joints and panels will fit correctly with the accurate and efficient nature of a powered planer being well suited to precision tasks.

What is a Chisel used for?

A Chisel is a cutting tool that has a sharpened edge at the end of a metal blade. It is used by driving with a mallet or hammer in dressing, shaping, or working a solid material such as wood, stone, or metal.

What can I use instead of a Chisel?

Screwdrivers make great chisels. They are tough and can take the abuse of being used as a pry bar, a knife or getting beat on by a hammer. The only place where a screwdriver is not as good as a chisel is when you need to carve or shave wood with it.

How do you maintain a Chisel?

When keeping the chisels on the workbench, always place them with the bevel side up. Place chisels safely within the plastic protective caps to cover cutting edges when not in use. Replace any chisel that is bent or shows dents, cracks, chips, or excessive wear.

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