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About Our Engineered Pine & Walnut Flooring

What is Engineered Pine & Walnut Flooring?

Engineered Southern Pine flooring is beautiful, sustainable and a more durable Pine. Engineered Southern Pine Scandi flooring provides a strikingly similar Pine floor to Douglas Fir. The unique qualities of this timber make Southern Pine the cream of the crop and a low-maintenance alternative to our Douglas Fir flooring. Our combined refined manufacturing, staining and finishing processes deliver smooth, stable wide-plank engineered Pine flooring with a bleached white UV Oil finish for a simple Scandinavian style.

What Engineered Pine & Walnut Flooring does Champion Timber offer?

Engineered wood has grown hugely in popularity in recent years and is an excellent modern alternative to solid wood. Unlike solid wood, engineered wood is composed of multiple layers of compressed timber, before being finished with a top layer of solid wood veneer. As a result, engineered wood comes with it a variety of practical qualities over solid wood such as it being compatible with under-floor heating. Once more, it still boasts that desirable authentic look that solid does.