About Our Planed Softwood

Our Premier Planed Softwood is sourced from slow-grown Scandinavian Redwood resulting in outstanding quality that is admired amongst our customers. Carefully selected joinery grade Redwood which is more dense and stable, ensuring crisp cuts for clean and accurate joints, We also insist on having our timber cut to its final size, and then carefully kiln-dried to ensure flat, straight timber. We machine, it ourselves to a super smooth finish, ready to paint or stain. The low knot content makes for easier on-site preparation and hence saves you time.

We stock a range of planed softwood timbers, from the very best, our Premier Planed Softwood that we machine ourselves, to a lower grade, but decent quality softwood ideal for projects where the finish is not that critical.

When quality is not the most important consideration, our budget-priced timber is a great alternative to our Premier planed timber, and of course still subject to our high standards as you would expect from a timber merchant.

We also offer a free cross-cutting service so we can cut to length any timber you require, we can also plane the material to your exact size if required. Finally, if you cannot see what you need, we can machine to order your exact requirement, this takes up to 4 working days.