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About Our Ratchet Straps

Selection of ratchet straps and other straps for securing loads to vehicles, the ground, and loads to each other. A core range of necessary kits to help you get the job done efficiently and to the highest standard possible.

What are Ratchet Straps?

A ratchet strap is a fastener or tie-down tool made of a fabric belt and a ratcheting device that allows the user to create tension between two ends that typically feature hooks. It is used to secure cargo, whether that's in a truck bed, on a trailer, or on top of your car's roof.

Can ratchet straps be used for lifting?

Can ratchet straps be used for lifting? No, they cannot. It is a lashing strap, but not a lifting sling. The safety factors for lifting equipment differ from those for lashing equipment.

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