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About Our Concrete Fence Posts

Why use Concrete Fence Posts?

Concrete is a robust material that does not easily succumb to rot or insect attack meaning it’s a highly durable, strong material with a proven long lifespan. Unlike wooden fence posts, concrete is not a degradable material and cannot be penetrated by rot or insect attack which is why people choose to opt for concrete over timber.

As concrete is relatively impermeable to liquids, mould or rot cannot easily penetrate the material which means anything that tries to pass through will likely just rest on the outer layer of the concrete. This is why concrete is easily maintained.

Concrete Fence Posts have been known to withstand high wind speeds in open exposed gardens and escape with minimal damage. This is particularly true in coastal areas where they may be nearby seawater spray.

What Concrete Fence Posts does Champion Timber offer?

A key characteristic of our Concrete Fence Posts is they are slotted, which makes it easy for all types of fence panels to slot easily into position, making it simpler and quicker to finish your fencing project. Concrete Slotted Posts are to be used in conjunction with concrete gravel boards and fence panels to construct your fence. Plus our Concrete Fence Posts are steel reinforced for additional strength. Easy to install fencing as there is no requirement for nails, brackets and fixings, you just slide the panel between the grooves.

Compatible with our entire range of concrete gravel boards.