About Our Sandpaper

Here we supply all variations of sandpaper, either in rolls or sheets. Covering all the grades to give your timber the finishing touch with a nice, significantly improved smooth surface. With sandpaper from finishing sheets to rough grit-roll we cover all the areas of use. Here you will find everything that you need to give the job those final touches, whether it requires staining timber , varnishing a treasured piece of furniture or trying out some crazy new colours on your walls we have everything you need online or in our 10 branches across the South-East.

What is 40 grit sandpaper used for?

For heavy sanding and stripping, you need coarse sandpaper measuring 40- to 60-grit; for smoothing surfaces and removing small imperfections, choose 80- to 120-grit sandpaper. For finishing surfaces smoothly, use superfine sandpaper with 360- to 600-grit.

How do I know what sandpaper to use?

When shopping for sandpaper, you'll see numbers such as 80-grit, 100-grit, or 200-grit. Keep in mind: The higher the number, the smaller the grains and the finer the sandpaper grit. And, conversely, lower numbers indicate larger grains and overall coarser sandpaper.