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About Our Walnut Doors

Veneered flush doors have high-quality natural timber veneers, laid over and concealing the timber edge clippings. Factory lacquer gives a superior finish. A wide selection of veneer types is available to suit every style of home. Traditional real wood veneers provide a quality and individual appearance.

If you’re looking for a clean, smooth, modern finish, veneer doors may be the best choice for your home. Veneer doors are great for internal uses, as you can create a modern, sophisticated, sleek look that will maintain its quality over time. Internal veneer doors will look beautiful inside any home, allowing you to style and decorate your home exactly how you like!

Fully finished veneered flush doors that are unrivalled in the industry. Not to be confused with alternatives, which have inferior specifications and performance ratings.

Available as standard core and solid core for FD30 / FD60 fire doors. If these versions are not stocked for your preferred veneer, they can be made to suit your requirements Fire doors are supported by BWF-CERTIFIRE accreditation.

What are Veneered Flush Doors?

Veneer doors are doors that have an additional layer of fine wood that is applied over the top of the main material for the door, which is often tougher. This thin covering is meant to be decorative and make the door look clean, sleek, and more appealing. Usually, this wood will be less than 3 mm thick and will be glued to the main panels of the door, ensuring a flat and finished surface.

When discussing woodworking, a veneer is a process in which thin slices of wood are glued to core panels. Typically, wood from the trunk of a tree is peeled off or sliced from large blocks. Veneer’s appearance is unique in that it clearly marks the grain of the wood because it can be sliced along the growth rings. Depending on where the slice is made, a variety of unique patterns can form. This allows you to create a diverse range of styles and even interconnect various cuts of the veneer.

What are the benefits of having Veneered Flush Doors?

Veneered Flush Doors provide a number of advantages over solid wood doors. Since veneer is a thin sheet of wood, it allows you to create various things you would be unable to produce with strictly solid wood on its own. They can offer a smooth finish for both appearance and texture. There are certain looks, textures, and finishes that you can only get from using veneer.