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About Our Door Closers

What are Door Closers?

Door closers are critical life safety equipment pieces and work in a similar way to panic exit devices. When choosing a door closer you need to ensure that your fire door still shuts every single time, so choosing the right one for your home or business should not be taken lightly. Things you will need to consider are, the size and weight of the door, the location of the door, the mounting location, and not forgetting the building specifications. This large range is supplied by top trade brands meeting the BS EN standards so you can be confident in your products.

What are the functions of a Door Closer?

Backcheck – This is the cushioning effect you feel when the door is swung open and is prevented from slamming into the wall behind it. It’s a useful feature to ensure that door hardware and the door itself are given a certain level of protection from misuse.
Delayed Action/Delayed Close
– In simple terms, this means the length of time it takes for the door to close after being opened. It’s often a desirable feature for Care Homes or areas where it may take people a little more time to get through the door unharmed.
Power Size –
This is either fixed at a set number or variable (adjustable). The power size required is determined by the door weight and width. (See Power Size Table below).
Closing Speed – This is the adjustment for the general speed of the door closing. Installers often make the mistake of adjusting this to close the door when first installing a closer, the Power Size should always be adjusted first.
Latching Action – This is adjustable and refers to the final few degrees of closing. This is beneficial to overcome any issues with the latch or seal on a door.
Mechanical Hold Open – A Hold Open Arm can be used on door closers to achieve a rigid hold-open function, however, these must never be used on Fire Doors.
Hold Open – Electromagnetic Hold Open
: Ideal for use on Fire Doors; the Hold-Open function means that the door is held open permanently at a fixed angle (unless released by the fire alarm activation). Usually, this function is provided in the cam being used, the arm itself or a mechanism inside the slide channel.
Electromagnetic Free Swing –
This function means that the door with the electromagnetic closer will act like a door that doesn’t have any closer on it. It means that the door will stay open at whatever angle it is left at but will close in the event of a fire. It’s a particularly good feature to use on Care Home Bedroom Doors when the Hold Open function would cause privacy issues and it meets the barrier-free needs of less-abled users.