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About Our Multifix Bolts

Unique patented concave thread design taps its own thread and provides a rapid, low torque installation with exceptional pull-out resistance. It also allows the user to adjust or remove the bolt ensuring a secure and accurate installation. Stress-free, non-expansion through fixing is the new solution for heavy-duty anchoring into concrete, brick, stone, wood and concrete block replacing the need for traditional anchors such as through-bolts, shields, sleeves and drop-in anchors.

The Multi-Fix bolt is designed to replace all of these fixings in various types of concrete, brick, stone, wood and block. Not only are these bolts stronger but they are faster and easier to install. With a patented concave thread design, coated with micron technology to give the ultimate corrosion resistance - this stress-free, non-expansion through fixing provides a rapid, low torque installation.

Added advantages of the Multi-Fix bolts include being removable and adjustable. This is because of the high load, and parallel threads which tap their way into the masonry. This also means, the Multifix bolt consistently outperforms other masonry anchors and fixings such as through bolts and shield anchors. On smaller bolts, we added a built-in washer (on larger bolts washers can be added for the end-users flexibility). The concrete multi-fix full range consists of a hex head which is installed with a socket wrench, a countersunk head for when a flush finish is required and a pan head for improved clamping ability.