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About Our Landscaping Battens

What Landscaping Battens does Champion Timber offer?

At Champion Timber, we can supply from stock a huge range of landscaping and screening timbers, including Cedar, Sapele and Redwood timber treated to UC4 - suitable for ground contact.

What is Cedar timber?

Cedar wood is extremely durable and holds up well to outdoor weather conditions. Because of its characteristics, cedar fencing will generally outlast fences made from softer, less durable wood, such as pine.

What is Sapele timber?

Sapele wood is a medium to dark reddish-brown or purplish-brown. Sapele Wood also has beautiful ribboning when quarter-sawn and when flat-sawn it is a nice alternative for Mahogany.

Supplies are limited at the present time, so we are only displaying what we can reasonably obtain, and some items may be on extended lead times compared to normal