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About Our Feather Edge Boards & Arris Rails

What are Feather Edge Boards?

Sometimes referred to as Closeboard Fencing, Feather Edge Boards are single boards that are placed vertically, with each one overlapping the one beside it. This creates a length of fencing around the area you are working with. They are an ideal solution if you have a space that is awkward and/or you can’t find a fence board to fit. The closed design that is created by overlapping the boards ensures that there are few gaps. All boards available have a height of 1.8m. Together, these help to ensure the Feather Edge Boards offer excellent privacy to your property. The lack of gaps also helps to ensure that pets are prevented from escaping, whilst other animals are kept out.

What are Arris Rails?

Arris Rail is a Fence Rail with a triangular area cut out of it, also known as a 'splayed' fencing rail which is a convenient and cost-effective solution for your fencing projects. Arris Rails are mainly used for Feather Edge Boards using either timber or concrete posts, the concrete posts generally have notches cut into them in order to fit the Arris Rail.

What Feather Edge Boards & Arris Rails does Champion Timber offer?

At Champion Timber, we offer a range of pressure-treated high-quality Arris Rails and Feather Edge Fence Boards available for same-day collection from your nearest branch or speedy free delivery. From stock, we also have a range of the associated brackets and fixings to install the Arris Rails to make your fence!