About Our MDF Skirting Boards

What are MDF Skirting Boards?

MDF is great for many reasons. Unlike Pine, there’s no knots or imperfections and MDF requires less time to prepare. This is because all it needs is sanding down for smoothness and then primed ready for the final paint finish. MDF is also great as it’s quick to get prepared. Skirting and architraves are good examples of what can be made, along with certain toys and so on.

What MDF Skirting Boards does Champion Timber offer?

We have a range of MDF skirting boards manufactured from a moisture-resistant core and are double prime for an improved finish to save time on site.

We sell MDF skirting boards in either 2.1 or 4.2m lengths but if you require that cross-cut further we offer a free cross-cutting service in all branches.