About Our Treated Softwood Decking

What is Treated Softwood Decking?

Our pressure Treated Softwood Decking comes as a grooved decking board on one face and smooth on the other, so it's reversible. To maximise the lifespan of the wooden decking, it is treated with preservative to prevent rot and insect infestation, so your tantalised timber decking will last for a long time. Plus our decking comes as standard with an additional wax additive to provide a water repellent coating to keep your decking newer, for longer.

What Treated Softwood Decking does Champion Timber offer?

Our range of softwood decking is manufactured from the finest Redwood Pine, responsibly sourced from the lofty heights of Northern Scandinavia resulting in premium quality timber. This timber is then manufactured using pressure treatment processes to help protect against decay, then waxed to help repel water and ensure your softwood decking is protected for many years to come.

We also offer free samples of our entire Treated Softwood Decking range, please visit any branch to pick up one.