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About Our Treated Softwood Decking

What is Treated Softwood Decking?

To maximise the lifespan of our decking, it is treated with preservatives to prevent rot and insect infestation, so your tantalised timber decking will last a long time.

What Treated Softwood Decking does Champion Timber offer?

Our range of softwood decking is manufactured from the finest Redwood Pine, responsibly sourced from the lofty heights of Northern Scandinavia resulting in premium quality timber. This timber is then preserved using pressure treatment processes to help protect against decay. In addition to this, our pressure Treated Softwood Decking comes reversible as standard with a grooved face on one side and smooth on the other.

Is treated wood suitable for decking?

Yes! However, it does depend on the decking quality and treatment type. UC4-treated decking that is pressure-treated and kiln-dried is always recommended as it is resistant to rot, insect attack and general decay. This is why choosing the right supplier for your garden decking can be the difference between getting a rotting, unstable deck, or the perfect high quality decking area.

What decking subframes does Champion Timber offer?

The 4.8m length of our 47 x 150mm Joistmate Xtra (47150SCT) is specifically designed to be used as decking joists. Our entire Joistmate structural timber range is C24 graded, on top of this, the 4.8m length of our 47 x 150mm is also UC4 treated for direct ground contact. This makes our 47 x 150mm joist the perfect sub-structure for a long-lasting decking installation and should be a crucial part of any deck-laying process. The alternative to UC4 treatment is UC3 treated timber which yes, is designed for outdoor use, but should NOT be in contact with the ground.

We also offer a range of composite subframes that are made from 100% recycled plastic meaning that they won’t rot, split or crack. Compared to real wood subframes, composite subframes facilitate the top-down fixing of decking boards and make it an easy installation for all levels of competence.

Can we supply environmentally certified decking?

We can offer certified softwood decking upon request, if you require environmental timber please get in touch with us. Also available is a vast range of decking screws to complete your decking project. If decking boards aren't what you are after and require deck tiles then we can source these quickly from our suppliers.

We also offer free deck samples for your project of our entire timber decking boards range, please visit any branch to pick up one.