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About Our Tubular Door Latches

What are Tubular Latches?

A Tubular Latch is an essential product for a door that you wish to open and close with a door handle or doorknob. As the name suggests, the door will just 'latch' with a tubular latch fitted, it will not lock.

A mechanical fastener is used mainly on internal doors where a lock is not usually required and is compatible with most levers or knobs. Door latches join the two surfaces together and then secure them in place using a strike plate on the opposite side. Smaller than other variations of locks meaning these tubular latches can be fitted with much less effort and minimal cutting and drilling of the door. Available in a large variety of sizes and finishes to ensure you can replace like for like and match with your current decor.

What Tubular Latches does Champion Timber offer?

Browse our wide range of high-quality tubular and mortice latches, designed for cupboards, cabinets and interior doors. Looking for the right colour? We stock both mortice and tubular latches in a variety of finishes. Take a look at our nickel, chrome or brass latch options. Our economical mortice latches are available in two sizes, 63 mm and 75 mm, in either nickel or brass plating, complete with their own screws.