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About Our Jigsaw Blades

What is a Jigsaw Blade used for?

A jigsaw blade is used to provide a great deal of accuracy when cutting through various materials such as wood, metal and ceramic. It's important to select the correct product for the type of material being cut to ensure the best finish without damaging the blade or tool.

What are the different types of Jigsaw Blades?

Jigsaw blades are commonly made out of one of four types of metal: high-speed steel, high-carbon steel, bi-metal or tungsten carbide.

What is a Jigsaw Blade used for?

Jigsaws are ideal for cutting curves and complex shapes in wood. They also work well for making short crosscuts on a board and finishing inside corner cuts that you start with a circular saw. Jigsaws are not good for making fast, long, straight cuts. Use a circular saw instead.

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