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About Our Moisture Resistant MDF Sheets

What is Moisture Resistant MDF?

Moisture Resistant MDF is a panel designed for use in humid conditions, meaning that it's ideal for applications such as kitchens, bathroom furniture, windows and skirting boards. They are particularly suitable for construction applications that need panels with high load-bearing capacity and moisture resistance plus for a wide range of interior applications. Waterproof MDF is suitable for further processing and painting. Boards produced with green-coloured fibre as standard.

What Moisture Resistant MDF Sheets does Champion Timber offer?

We only stock British-made PRO Moisture resistant MDF, suitable for use in high humidity areas such as kitchens or bathrooms, and available in a range of thicknesses.

Manufactured from high-quality wood fibres, dry-bonded with synthetic resins then compressed at high frequency. A very versatile panel, with a wide variety of uses from general construction to furniture.
• Higher density board than standard boards
• Superior screw and fastener holding compared to standard boards
• Smoother surfaces and edges for improved high-quality finishing
• Ideal for paint, veneer or foils
• Ideal for edge profiling
• Easy to drill, shape and routs cleanly and easily, without splintering or chipping
• Cuts to a crisp clean smooth edge, reducing breakout
• Suitable for use with all woodworking tools

How does MR MDF work?

When MR MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is manufactured it is bonded with a special water repellent resin that allows the MDF to have it's moisture resistant elements.