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About Our Furniture Fixings

What Furniture Fixings does Champion Timber offer?

Wide range of fixings, connectors, screws, nuts, bolts and caps, designed for use in furniture assembly, kitchen cabinets, flat pack furniture and shopfitting. Suitable for use with wood, man-made panels and other materials, and available in a range of finishes.

What are Dowel Screws?

Dowel screws are lag threaded dowels (studs) used to fasten two pieces of wood. Like typical studs, they are headless, double-ended screws but have wood screw threads at both ends.

What is a Cam Lock screw?

Cam or locking screws are 2-part screws where the cam is fitted in one piece and then screw in a piece to be joined to this piece. By slotting the two pieces together and tightening the screw you have a reasonably secure join. Cam screws are generally supplied as components for flat-pack furniture.