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From the forest to you: The journey taken by Champion Premier Planed Softwood

Monday, October 30, 2017

The best way to guarantee a high quality finish on your timber project is to start with the best quality materials. At Champion Timber, we take great care in sourcing, selecting and preparing our premier planed softwood so it doesn't just meet our expectations, but matches yours too.

Here's a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the journey our wood takes, from timber supplier to customer, and the advantages that are passed along to you.

Champion premier planed softwood & sustainable beginnings

Our timber originates from the cold climates in Northern Scandinavia, sourced through long-standing relationships with suppliers based there, and all from sustainable forests. We are careful to ensure that the timber meets exacting environmental standards. We use rigorous verification systems to monitor our supplies, while our suppliers are independently audited for the Responsible Purchasing Policy of the Timber Trade Federation and Forests Forever.

When you use our timber for your project, you do so with the peace-of-mind that it's sourced and managed sustainably.

Champion quality, naturally

The cold Scandinavian climate ensures that the Redwood timber we source is slow-grown - this is the only timber good enough to become Champion premier planed softwood. This Redwood timber has a fine close grain and density, offering strength and stability. We also select timber with an extremely low knot content. In fact, we reject what many other companies will accept.

These standards help to ensure clean cuts, making your woodwork more accurate. It also means there's less prep work to worry about; less of a need to sand down or fill in knots, and less warping. There's also less waste. This is all good news for those building projects where labour costs can be in danger of spiralling out of control.

Getting from A to B

Many timber companies import wood from abroad through a ‘middle man’ who arranges to have it machined in another company’s factory in the UK. With 80 years of experience in buying timber, we prefer to do it ourselves. Our wood comes from our suppliers in Sweden directly to our very own mill based at Edenbridge

Before commencing the journey to us it is also kiln-dried after being cut to its final size to ensure flat, straight sections. This process removes the moisture and improves the strength of the wood. This helps to stop the timber becoming distorted as it absorbs or loses moisture, avoiding knock-on problems with fungus or rot setting in. Again many competitors will cut boards after kiln drying, increasing the chance of absorbing moisture, and making them susceptible to warping

Planed to perfection

At our Edenbridge mill, the wood is graded again to meet our high standards, to ensure consistency and suitability for your varied needs. Champion premier planed softwood is then machined so it has an incredibly smooth finish and is all set for you to work with.

Reassuringly Champion premier planed softwood isn’t at risk of running out because we always buy timber in large quantities – so there’ll be no delays in getting what you need. 

Into your hands

Finally, we operate daily deliveries of our range of 44 stock sizes from Edenbridge to ten Champion branches, so it’s ready for you to collect immediately, or to order through our next-day delivery service. Once it’s with you, you’ll find Champion premier planed softwood is perfect for paint, stains, waxing and a number of other finishes.

Your trusted source

We are proud to have complete control over the quality, continuity of supply and provenance of our timber, and we’re well positioned to offer our wood at competitive prices. With branches across the South East and over 80 years’ experience in supplying the building trade, Champion Timber is the region's leading independent timber specialist. If you’d like to know more, get in touch by phone or email, or drop by one of our timber merchants for Champion premier planed softwood and much more.
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