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Modern designs for timber decking: 5 ideas for contemporary timber decks

Friday, June 30, 2017

Love it or hate it, decking is now an established garden design element. Cheaper than paving and hugely flexible, decking allows you to make the most of your outdoor space.

As decking comes of age, garden designers are coming up with contemporary approaches that change the way we think about decking. Taking advantage of new materials and changes in how we use our gardens, a deck can be a great addition to your garden.

Blend your indoor and outdoor space

Decking can make your garden into a true extension of your home. A deck provides the ideal basis for an outdoor living room, kitchen or multi-use space.

Hardwood timber decking gives you a contemporary look that blends beautifully with a range of interior design styles. It's relatively low maintenance and durable, so will stand up to years of use as the focal point for your garden. Alternatively, the non-slip and splinter-free nature of composite decking provides true indoor to outdoor living.

Whether combined with bifold doors or to complement a garden room or orangery, a well-designed deck can increase your living space. Built in furniture, storage and food preparation areas can make your deck a true part of your home.

Get close to the elements with fire and water

The best decking designs blend seamlessly with other garden elements, creating landscapes that flow. Integrating a pond, firepit, or even a hot tub can add interest to your deck and provide a focal point.

Softwood timber decking can be used to create raised ponds and water features, but hardwood and composite decking are better suited to waterside use where regular water contact is likely.

Fire and wood may not seem like the best combination. But with a bit of forethought, firepits and chimneas can be used on timber decks. For the more adventurous, an outdoor kitchen with a BBQ grill or even a pizza oven can make your deck a lively space for entertaining or family time.

Mix it up with complementary colours and geometric shapes

A deck can be so much more than long lengths of grooved timber. Using stains, different coloured composite decking or inlaid shapes can add flair to your deck and keep it looking fresh.

Depending on your skill level and how well you know your way around a protractor, there are a number of different ways to install decking boards. Diagonals, herringbone patterns and geometric shapes can all be used to make your deck both practical and beautiful.

As well as shapes, you can use colour to make your deck your own. Our range of decking stains and treatments will protect your softwood decking and add a splash of colour.

For more impact and a long-lasting finish, you can mix and match different colours of composite decking for a multi-tone effect.

Combine timber with other materials

Timber decking works well with other materials to create practical and beautiful outdoor spaces.

Stone, brick and rendered walls can be used to create gardens in a range of styles. Use white painted walls to invoke images of Greece or combine hardwoods and honey coloured stone for a sense of SoCal chic. Alternatively you can blend with your local stone to give your garden a real sense of place.

Stainless steel, glass and fabrics can all be used to complement your deck. You can use these to introduce practical elements such as worktops, balustrades and shading.

Decking timbers can also be used to complement other garden elements, such as patios. Whether you create furniture, raised beds or clad existing structures, timber decking can add a contrasting colour and texture to your garden.

Add lighting effects to make the most of your space after dark

Fully waterproof and low-energy LED lighting has introduced a whole new element to decking design. You can integrate lighting into softwood, hardwood or composite decking.

LED lighting provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to colours, brightness and positioning. This means you can create the ideal ambience to suit how you use your deck in the evenings.

There is also a wide range of solar powered options for outdoor lighting. These make it easy to add lighting to an existing deck or provide a more eco-friendly and easier to install alternative to mains power.

Make the most of your outdoor space

Whatever style of deck you go for, decking provides a perfect way to blend your indoor and outdoor spaces. This helps you to get out and enjoy your garden more and make the most of your outdoor space.

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