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When to treat timber fence panels


When fitting new fence panels, it’s not always clear whether you need to treat them straight away or if you should wait a bit. At Champion all our timber fence panels come with a 15-year service life guarantee, if they are correctly cared for and maintained. Continue Reading »

Creating garden sheds worthy of Shed of the Year


Channel 4’s Shed of the Year competition is back. The UK’s shed enthusiasts have been showing off their incredible garden sheds for the past two weeks and have given us some real inspiration. From the unique and unexpected to the eco-friendly and entertaining, there’s been some amazing creations. Continue Reading »

OSB board vs plywood


OSB board and plywood are both hugely popular sheeting materials used in modern day property builds. Whether they’re being used in wall sheathing, flooring or roofs, they both have their own particular suitability and also their own downfalls. So which is best to use in your project? Continue Reading »

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