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Why use Champion timber cladding for your building project?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

There are many good reasons why timber cladding is an increasingly popular choice for the outside of homes and commercial properties. Used for hundreds of years in the UK, it provides a sleek and subtle exterior for buildings, has many attractive and practical properties, and is readily available in a range of looks from fresh to the more traditional.

Here’s what you need to know about timber cladding, from what it can offer your building project, to advice on its installation and maintenance, to the benefits of Champion timber cladding.

Why use Champion timber cladding?

This beautiful timber product blends in well with natural surroundings, and depending on your taste, the type of wood you use, and the way it’s laid, it can look cosy and rustic - straight out of the Scandinavian woods - or wonderfully clean and contemporary.

Timber is a very sustainable material, it’s completely recyclable and biodegradable, and for this reason, timber cladding is also a popular choice for architects designing ‘eco homes’.

One of its most appealing properties is the natural insulation that it provides to buildings. So when it comes to winter, it can help to keep you warm and reduce your heating bills.

Installing timber cladding

If you’re planning to lay the cladding yourself, you will need to ensure that the corners are cut accurately. Imprecise installation could lead to moisture getting behind the boards which risks rot and damp. Because of your timber cladding’s exposure to sunlight and moisture, it is really important to ensure you complete the work properly.

Timber cladding can be laid in any direction, and is a great material to cover a whole building, or simply to experiment with. Laid vertically, it can look modern, while horizontal will give a more traditional appearance. You could also consider covering a single wall as a ‘feature’ of your property. Horizontally laid, the cladding can be particularly eye-catching.

You won’t need to do much to keep your timber cladding looking good and performing well. However it can be prone to fading over time. For some, this weathered appearance is welcome. However if you would prefer to retain the original colour for as long as possible, you could consider which walls you plan to lay the cladding on. Think about where is likely to get the most sunlight, and position the cladding accordingly. 

Champion timber cladding options

Champion timber cladding is made from premier planed European redwood. This species of wood is really cost effective, looks superb and performs extremely well. It has centuries of proven effectiveness as cladding and is strong and great to work with. 
Champion cladding is available in a range of opaque colours: grey beige, light grey, pure white, oyster white and red opaque. It comes with a 10 year warranty on the opaque paint and finishes. The multi coat protection includes UC3 timber protection to all sides and edges, primer weather protection to all sides and edges, and paint topcoat protection to the exposed topside and edges.

We also offer a range of untreated softwood pine claddings, as well as internal claddings which are made from American white oak.

For cladding that is warm, practical and offers an eye-catching exterior to homes and commercial buildings, choose Champion timber cladding for your building project. We have a massive range of timber always in stock, and the largest range of timber mouldings in the South East. 

Also, order any 25m of Champion timber mouldings, and we’ll throw in a free 300ml tube of Champion One-4-All premium adhesive. It’s compatible with most building products and provides a permanent fixing. 

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