Brand New Website Features

July 23, 2019
Website Launch Image

Individual Trade Pricing – The new website now caters for each individual, so when you sign up for an online account your prices are automatically applied to all products across the site. If you are a bonafide tradesman then you will receive your trade prices on top of any discounted or bulk buy products. This means you get the discounts you want, for the products you need.

Live Product Stock – The new website gives you the ability to check the stock level of every single product on the website. AND it’s as easy as navigating to a single product, and clicking ‘Check Stock’. OR for tally products you can check each individual length stocked by clicking ‘Buy & Collect’.

Fully Responsive Design – The new website can now react to fit any sized screen and will redesign itself accordingly. This means you can visit the website on any device, be it a tablet, PC or mobile phone and still achieve what you want quickly and efficiently.

Account Management – The new website account page allows you to view past orders, invoices, quotes, statements and credit notes. AND also allows you to pay your account online in full, even letting you select those you are ready to pay.

Split Basket – The new website now allows you to place an order for collection AND delivery all at once! For example, if you desperately needed more screws within a couple hours and needed timber delivered for a few days time you would be able to do this all in one order by adding the screws for collection and choosing for the timber to be delivered custom date in the basket.

Photography – The images used throughout the website are brand new and belong to Champion Timber. But don’t just take our word for it, check out some product images! In addition, on all branch pages you can now view multiple images of the branch alongside images of the assistant manager and manager of each location!

3-D Tour – This new feature allows you to take an amazing high definition walking through every bit of the branch. All you have to do is navigate to any branch page and scroll down!

Product Filters – To aid navigation when navigating the product pages we have added filters. These can help you narrow down your choice of product by many variables such as shade, finish type and many more!

Search Bar – This new search bar is a much improved version upon our last search facility. The new search bar can now show you results for what you are typing in real-time, it can also provide correct words in case some search terms are misspelled, finally it now has the ability to comprehend alternative keywords such as ‘pigs ear handrail‘ and ‘lambs tongue handrail‘.

Language Translation – At the top of all pages the website now holds the functionality to translate itself to a massive variety of languages quickly and efficiently. This enables the website to be used by multiple languages and dialects for both information gaining and ease of navigation.