Why you should use plywood on your next flooring project

November 17, 2016

Whether you’re laying a subfloor, making partition walls or building furniture, there are loads of different types of plywood sheeting available. At Champion Timber , we’ve got a huge selection on offer in a range of grades, sizes and thicknesses.

Plywood is manufactured using multiple layers of real wood plies and maintains the high strength of the wood used to make it. Making it ideal for use in all types of building applications. Plywood can be flexible, if you need it to be; the thicker the plywood you use the more rigid the structure.

Using plywood flooring to cut down on costs

Using plywood in any construction project can save you money in both labour and costs. Plywood is an inexpensive sheeting material, especially compared to the alternatives. Using it is also much easier and less time consuming for workers:

  • With the amount of size variations available there’s more chance of being able to create a subfloor with fewer cuts. Optimising the space better can save everyone time.
  • The tongue and groove fittings slot into place and take much less time to fit.

Water resistant plywood

We have plywood flooring sheets that are certified to EN636-3S meaning they are suitable for damp and humid areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and roofs. We also stock marine grade plywood that can be used externally and provides the highest level of water resistance with durable hardwood veneer throughout.

TG4 available for strong joins

If you’re looking for superior strength in your flooring underlay, then plywood is your best bet. It’s highly durable and is likely to outperform other sheet materials under strain. We have TG4 plywood available that is tongue and grooved on all four sides to create a hardy base beneath the flooring.

What thickness plywood do you need?

We stock plywood in a whole range of thicknesses, varying from 0.8mm to 25mm. For use as a subfloor there are varying suggestions based on joist spans. If you ever want some support on the best plywood flooring to use, then you can contact us or pop into one of our timber merchants for some expert advice.