About Our Composite Fascias & Bullnose Boards

What are Fascias and Bullnose Boards?

Composite garden decking projects by their nature tend to be raised to various degrees depending on the overall decking design. The term raised implies vertical areas between the various decking platforms and the base. These vertical exposures are covered with fascia boards that match or contrast the main deck colour theme. While some people do use standard decking boards as vertical fascia's, using a dedicated composite decking fascia board has the benefit of being a far cheaper solution.

What Composite Decking Fascias and Bullnose Boards does Champion Timber offer?

Champion Timber has a range of composite decking fascia, joists, bull nosing to finish off any decking project. Our offering spans all the colours of the Millboard range plus an offering of the necessary touch-up coating. We also offer a range of Silvadec and Ecodek components that are suitable for the respective decking, please see the product descriptions for further details.