About Our Jigtech Handle Packs & Sets

What is Jigtech?

Jigtech is set to transform the door handle and latch fitting world, with the innovative system reducing the fitting time from over 25 minutes as standard to under 5 minutes. This equates to a saving of 80% in time for both contractors and fitters, resulting in increased efficiency, cost savings and increased earning potential. The specially designed system comprises of a jig, latch, door furniture, and compatible keeps; the process of fitting is simple, quick, and hassle-free.


The Jigtech Pro is a premium quality product, designed with longevity in mind for door fitting professionals installing multiple doors on a regular basis. Contains everything you need to fit the Jigtech door handle and latch system.

Jigtech Latches

The full range of latches and bolts are supplied with a Jigtech spacer in attractive visual packaging. A comprehensive array of finishes are available in smart and rectangular forends, both mechanical and soft strike magnetic function can be specified. All latches are available in the push button privacy function, for use with Jigtech privacy cover roses.

Jigtech Door Furniture

High-quality contemporary lever designs mounted on Jigtech fast-fit roses. Factory assembled with spindle and rose fitted for quick installation, Jigtech door furniture is available in contract and premium quality, in a variety of modern finishes.

Jigtech Accessories

Jigtech accessories feature two product ranges; replacement tools for installation, and door furniture accessories for push button privacy latches and bathroom turns.