About Our Solid Pine Doors

What are Solid Pine Doors?

Pine is a redwood tree and is commonly referred to as Scandinavian pine or European redwood, this is due to the native area of growth and the popularity of softwood for furniture and house building in countries such as Sweden and Norway. Redwoods that are grown in the UK is often referred to as Scots pine to differentiate between indigenous species and those from the continent. Solid Pine Doors are lightweight but still retain the insulating properties you would expect from Solid Pine Doors.

How can Solid Pine Doors complement your home?

Pine is a naturally beautiful wood, but its versatility is what makes it a particular favourite in a number of homes across the UK. Pine internal doors can be finished to match the current décor in your home via a painting or staining method, or alternatively, they can be glossed in order to enhance their natural beauty. Many of the Solid Pine Doors in our range are pre-primed and engineered to be overlaid with A-grade veneers to ensure that you are obtaining a high-quality look, every time.