About Our Timber Quadrant Mouldings

What is a Timber Quadrant?

Timber quadrant mouldings are a convex moulding that has a cross-section in the form of a quarter circle. Can be used to cover gaps or uneven edges between skirting and flooring.

What Timber Quadrant Mouldings does Champion Timber offer?

Our premium Timber Quadrants are available in premier Redwood Pine, sourced and machined by ourselves. Carefully selected joinery grade Redwood which is more dense and stable, ensuring crisp cuts for clean and sharp moulding profiles, and helps reduce splitting when fixing at the ends. It is machined to a super smooth finish, ready to paint or stain and the low knot content makes for easier on-site preparation, and hence saves you time.

Oak Hardwood using the best commercial-grade available, so almost entirely free of knots and defects so the timber can be polished or stained to a high-quality finish.

White primed softwood ready for painting, with a smooth and clean finish

We offer a free cross-cutting service so we can cut to length any timber you require, to reduce wastage.

Finally, if you cannot see what you need, we can machine to order your exact requirement, this takes up to 4 working days. We just need either a sample or a drawing to get us started.