About Our Van Vault

Vault Vault is for storage and security, in vehicles and on-site.

Recognised as the leading brand for mobile security containers - it is all about tool theft prevention. Tool theft is brutal when it happens. It’s rife, it’s on the rise and it’s a massive issue facing tradespeople. The response to tool theft is Van Vault. We make the working day of tradespeople better, giving them the means to protect their tools and the ability to work. Hard-working people have the right to know their tools are secure. That’s why we’ve done the research and rigorous testing, so we know our product works


We aren’t the only ones calling the Van Vault vehicle range the ultimate tool security and storage product. Tested by the best, you can’t afford to be without your tools. Therefore, you can’t afford to be without the first vehicle secure storage products on the market with these two certifications:


An independent test house for security products, owned by the Master Locksmith Association. They test products using a variety of tools and techniques to push them beyond what they’re expected to handle.


The flagship UK police initiative, Secured by Design promotes products which prevent crime, usually by resistance to attack. The only form of police accreditation for UK products, Van Vault is a proud member of Secured by Design

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